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Do you want to stop a hard, destructive Brexit?

We are a group of local residents who  want to continue to be part of the single market, the customs union and the European Court of Justice as we have been for many years.

If you want this too or if you just want to know more contact us on e-mail, twitter or facebook - addresses below.

Local Businesses

We are all being told that Brexit is having an effect on businesses large and small. We are very interested in getting the real lowdown from local businesses and would be very grateful for a few minutes of your time to complete our questionnaire. 

Please send us an e-mail using the CONTACT US section below and we will reply with a copy of the questionnaire.

EU nationals

Are you an EU national living and working in UK?

Do you know what is happening and how you will be affected?

Contact us by e-mail twitter or on facebook and we will try and get you the latest information available.




About Us

OPEN BRITAIN is a cross-party grassroots campaign

We believe Britan is stronger with Europe.

We are leading the fight against a destructive hard Brexit in Sutton and will provide Brexit news here


We are a group of Sutton residents who want to keep and grow our ties to Europe; cultural, social and economic.

Our group intends to fight for a Brexit deal that benefits the whole country.

We want the Government to inform us of the reasons behind their actions and to allow us to decide for ourselves if the positions being taken in our names are what we want.

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